days to Istio 1.5

Announcing Istio 1.3.1

Patch Release

This release includes bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.3.0 and Istio 1.3.1.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused the secret cleanup job to erroneously run during upgrades (Issue 16873).
  • Fixed an issue where the default configuration disabled Kubernetes Ingress support (Issue 17148)
  • Fixed an issue with handling invalid UTF-8 characters in the Stackdriver logging adapter (Issue 16966).
  • Fixed an issue which caused the destination_service label in HTTP metrics not to be set for BlackHoleCluster and PassThroughCluster (Issue 16629).
  • Fixed an issue with the destination_service label in the istio_tcp_connections_closed_total and istio_tcp_connections_opened_total metrics which caused them to not be set correctly (Issue 17234).
  • Fixed an Envoy crash introduced in Istio 1.2.4 (Issue 16357).
  • Fixed Istio CNI sidecar initialization when IPv6 is disabled on the node (Issue 15895).
  • Fixed a regression affecting support of RS384 and RS512 algorithms in JWTs (Issue 15380).

Minor enhancements

  • Added support for to the telemetry deployment.
  • Added annotations for Datadog tracing that controls extra features in sidecars.
  • Added the pilot_xds_push_time metric to report Pilot xDS push time.
  • Added istioctl experimental analyze to support multi-resource analysis and validation.
  • Added support for running metadata exchange and stats extensions in a WebAssembly sandbox. Follow these instructions to try it out.
  • Removed time diff info in the proxy-status command.
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