Contribute Documentation

Details how to create and maintain Istio documentation pages.

Welcome to the Istio documentation contribution guides. This section contains all the information you need to contribute documentation, blog posts, and other content types.

The Istio content is multilingual. Within the content folder, you can find the following folders for the available languages:

  • The English original content is in the en folder.
  • The Mandarin translation is in the zh folder.
  • The Portuguese translation is in the pt-br folder.

Learn more in the following guides:

Work with GitHub

Shows you how to use GitHub to contribute to the Istio documentation.

Add New Documentation

Details how to contribute new documentation to Istio.

Remove Retired Documentation

Details how to contribute retired documentation to Istio.

Build and serve the website locally

Explains how to locally build, test, serve, and preview the website.

Front matter

Explains the front matter used in our documentation and the fields available.

Documentation Review Process

Shows you how changes to the Istio documentation and website are reviewed and approved.

Add Code Blocks

Explains how to include code in your documentation.

Use Shortcodes

Explains the shortcodes available and how to use them.

Follow Formatting Standards

Explains the standard markup used to format Istio documentation.

Style Guide

Explains the style conventions used in the Istio documentation.

Terminology Standards

Explains the terminology standards used in the Istio documentation.

Diagram Creation Guidelines

Provides assets and instructions to create diagrams for the Istio documentation.