This message occurs when the port doesn’t follow the Istio service port naming convention or the port is unnamed.


You will receive this message:

Info [IST0118] (Service httpbin.default) Port name foo-http (port: 80, targetPort: 80) doesn't follow the naming convention of Istio port.

when your cluster has following service:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: httpbin
    app: httpbin
  - name: foo-http
    port: 8000
    targetPort: 80
    app: httpbin

In this example, the port name foo-http does not follow the syntax: name: <protocol>[-<suffix>].

How to resolve

  • If you know the protocol the service port is serving, rename the port with <protocol>[-<suffix>] format;
  • If you don’t know the protocol the service port is serving, you need to query metrics from Prometheus
    • Run query istio_requests_total{reporter="destination",destination_service_name="SERVICE_NAME",response_code="200"}[TIME_RANGE]. If you are using Telemetry metric overrides, you can also run query istio_requests_total{reporter="destination",destination_service_name="SERVICE_NAME",response_code="200",destination_port="TARGET_PORT"}[TIME_RANGE].
    • If there are outputs, you can find the request_protocol from the record. E.g., if the request_protocol is “http”, rename port to “http-foo”;
    • If there is no output, you can leave the port as it is.