This message occurs when your Istio configuration does not successfully pass schema validation.

For example, you receive this error:

Error [IST0106] (VirtualService ratings-bogus-weight-default.default) Schema validation error: percentage 888 is not in range 0..100

and your Istio configuration contains these values:

kind: VirtualService
  name: ratings-bogus-weight-default
  namespace: default
  - ratings
  - route:
    - destination:
        host: ratings
        subset: v1
      weight: 999
    - destination:
        host: ratings
        subset: v2
      weight: 888

In this example, the error message indicates that the weight element has an invalid value when checked against the schema.

To resolve this problem, refer to the message details field to determine which element or value does not adhere to the schema, correct the error and try again.

For details about the expected schema for Istio resources, see the configuration reference.