Istio joins Phippy and friends — Welcome Izzy!

Announcing the latest member of the CNCF family of mascots.

Mar 8, 2024 | By Faseela K, for the Istio Steering Committee

Having sailed into, and proudly graduated within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2023, it is now time for Istio to join the CNCF Phippy family’s mission to demystify and simplify cloud native computing.

The Istio Steering Committee is excited to unveil Izzy Dolphin, the Istio Indo-Pacific Bottlenose, who today dives into the family of “Phippy and Friends”.

Izzy, the Istio Dolphin

Istio stands on the shoulders of several other CNCF projects, including Kubernetes, Envoy, Prometheus, and Helm. Izzy is proud to join Phippy, Hazel, and Captain Kube’s gang, taking cloud native to the masses.

The Phippy and Family

Izzy not only represents the hard work and imagination of Istio’s maintainers from diverse companies, but will help us illustrate the concepts of service mesh and Istio’s new ambient mode in an easy manner. Keep tuned, as we build out our illustrated guides where Izzy will demystify Istio and service mesh in terms a child could understand! Next time you’re breaking down these concepts for people who don’t share your background knowledge, how about using Izzy?

Istio was initially developed by Google and IBM and built on the Envoy project from Lyft. The project now has maintainers from more than 16 companies, including many of the largest networking vendors and cloud organizations worldwide. Istio provides zero-trust networking, policy enforcement, traffic management, load balancing, and monitoring without requiring applications to be rewritten.

Over the years Istio has made substantial strides in simplifying the complex problem of cloud native networking. We understand that these concepts remain complicated for many, and that is why we are proud to join Phippy’s mission to talk about tech in an accessible, straight-forward manner. We would like to open the doors of service mesh technology to more folks than ever before through Izzy and enable you to join #teamcloudnative!

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