Getting Started

If you’re new to Istio and just want to try it out, the quickest way to get started is by downloading and installing Istio’s built-in demo configuration. Istio can also be installed and customized in many other ways, depending on your platform and intended use. Check out our general installation instructions for details.

To get started, proceed as follows:

  1. Setup your platform
  2. Download the Istio release
  3. Follow the quick-start installation instructions

Once you’ve installed Istio, a good way to start evaluating Istio’s features is using our Bookinfo sample application. You can use this sample to experiment with Istio’s features for traffic routing, fault injection, rate limiting, etc..

  1. Deploy the Bookinfo sample
  2. Explore various Istio tasks, depending on your interest. The following tasks are a good start for beginners:

After that, you will have a pretty good understanding of Istio’s basic functionality and can then proceed to explore Istio’s many other tasks or, even better, start to deploy your own applications. If you do continue to use Istio, we look forward to hearing from you.